A lifetime of indulging my

"need for speed".


              When the drops the stops!


About me:

My life-long interest has been short-track auto racing.

My driving career spanned the years 1966 thru 1996.  I retired from active competition after having a spinal fusion (a result of a 6 end-over-end rollover at Avilla Speedway years earlier).

Some of the highlights of my career include:

1:  Avilla Speedway Roadrunner track champion in 1974

2.  Avilla Speedway Semi-Late Model track champion in 1976

3.  Elected to Avilla Speedway Hall Of Fame in 1995

4.  Getting a clean sweep (winning the dash, heat, and feature in the same day) 2 times in a row at Montpelier (IN) Speedway in 1986

5.  Winning my 100th race at Angola (IN) Speedway on July 7, 1987

6.  Crewing Kathy (my wife) to 12 wins, 4th in points, and Rookie of the Year with her Beretta at Mottville (MI) Speedway in 2004.  Then she took 37 wins in 2005, including 15 A-features in 23 attempts!



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A New Era - 2004 and 2005 Pictures




In 1995 I accomplished one of my long-time goals.

I was inducted into the Avilla Speedway Hall of Fame.

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Avilla Speedway Hall of Fame



My thanks to:

Frank & Mabel Eldridge (Mom & Dad) for helping me get into racing.  Putting up with me building cars in Dad's garage, keeping cars & parts around, changing engines with a come-along and a chain over a limb on Dad's walnut tree, the list goes on and on!

All the guys that helped me out:  Harold Shaw, Gary Shaw, Floyd Morgan, Al Cook Sr., Don Pinkerton, & so many others all gave me a lot of advice and help learning to work on cars.

The guys that crewed for me over the years.  Craig Strock (crewed a bunch of my cars, even the ones that he and Keith (his dad) didn't own), Mike Steward, Bruce Betz, Greg Gerbers, Gene Shearer, Norm Runion, Jr., Richard (Butch) Kester, Jeff Grobis, Gary McCandlish.......what more can I say but that they're a great bunch of guys!  Thanks guys!

Car owners:  Keith Strock and Craig Strock.  Keith was my car owner from 1974 - 1976, when I won my two track championships at Avilla Speedway in 1974 and 1976.  Craig owned the Camaro I drove in 1980, taking wins at Avilla Speedway, Angola Speedway, and Baer Field Speedway.  Tom Harmon, Jim Prince, Bud DeLong, Randy DeLong, Dave Rhoads, Bob Snyder, Sale Cooper, Stan Freed, Wayne Miller and others all put me in their cars at one time or another.


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